As Unique as You

Data Analytics

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As Machine Learning experts, we provide data analytics using the core ML tools: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. We build and deploy complex ML models like regenerative networks with the latest tech.

System Optimization

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We do a preliminary analysis of the system and provide an accurate estimate of how much the system can be optimized. We then crunch the numbers, perform iterative tests and finally prescribe best practices for better yield.

BI Reporting

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We build and deploy interactive, bespoke Business Intelligence charts that are web-based, fast and scalable. These charts provide invaluable insight into business performance and time series trending.

Cloud Migration

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We offer AWS cloud migration, allowing you to focus on the core of your business. You will enjoy the benefits of world-class security and performance while overcoming the risks of sabotage, bottlenecks and expensive, bundled packages tied up to on-premise operation.

Software Development

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We develop software ranging from embedded, desktop, mobile, web and full-stack applications that can be containerized and run on your favorite platform. We also offer expert advice on enterprise software that suits your unique business case, like Post-Modern ERP solutions.

Technical Training

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We offer on-premise training on software development, machine learning, cloud migration, IoT, engineering and IT. Our training is hands-on, ensuring that your team gains maximum value. All the course content is made available afterwards for revision purposes or further development. We also customize our training based on your needs.