Who We Are

We are a team of young, passionate and gifted professionals and entrepreneurs who had a conviction to put their gifts to better use. Our respective backgounds include Defence, Software Consulting, Insurance, Heavy Manufacturing, Research and Enterprise. Our strong desire to solve problems manifested in a synergy of ideas into exceite-data. We are proud of our achievements and are excited about sharing our skills with you.

What We Do

Our team comprises engineers, scientists, mathematicians and statisticians. With all of us having our Honour's Degrees and some even studying towards their Master's Degrees, we live by the simple code that one does not cease to learn. This also manifests itself in the vast amount of knowledge we share among us stemming from our different but related fields. So, whether it be a physics, engineering or software-related issue, rest assured we have the capability to solve it and produce more happy clients.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to contribute technically to a fast-evolving world as leaders and pioneers of upstream technology, thereby unlocking its limitless potential to solve corporate and industrial problems.

Our Vision is to make a tangible impact in every organization we interact with, be it financially, by imparting knowledge or both. We believe this forms an important part in using technology for the benefit of mankind, and to make our world better.

Meet Our Team

Kgothatso Matlala, BSc (Electrical Engineering)

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Passion: Machine Learning & Software Development
Kgothatso enjoys building Machine Learning models to solve real-world problems, like classifiers using neural networks and regenerative models like autoencoders.

Vusi Msibi, Bsc (Hons) (Mathematics)

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Passion: Financial Modeling & Analytics
With a strong Insurance background, Vusi loves data analytics and forecasting. He is currently building AI-based market predictors.

Sizwe Dlamini, BSc (Hons) (Computer Science)

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Passion: Full-Stack Applications & Big Data
Formerly a DevOps Engineer, Sizwe now has interest in Big Data and Cloud Migration.