Business Process Management


Optimize Your Business Processes

A business process is a structured set of tasks, human actions or automated actions, executed in order to achieve a specific and predefined objective. It involves business actors, each in charge of a specific activity. We use the BPMN standard, which allows you to design business processes in order to build a standardized framework. This is the first step to optimization. A successful implementation of the BPMN process involves:

Identify Processes That Can Be Optimized

Not every process, system or integration can be optimized, so it is crucial to ensure that the ones that can are identified.

Visualize Process Objectives

Clearly visualize the objective of the process. In order to produce an effective design, the goal to be achieved must be clearly explained and approved by the end users.

Define Performance Indicators

Define realistic and quantifiable performance indicators, so that you can easily judge the efficiency of your processes.

Model, simulate and Optimize

Develop heuristic/machine-learning models to drive the current process to achieve the desired performance indicators.