Get Insights From Your Data, Fast

In-sight analytics is a solution that delivers data and makes it human understandable. It collects data from unrelated sources, indexes it for fast searching and visualizes it. The user can therefore gain objective insights into business performance based on the data. The solution has the following features

Data Ingestion

Data is ingested from over 40 different data formats including file, relational database, NoSQL database, MQTT, PLC (OPC-UA, ModBus, S7, Eth, AB-Eth…), stdin, snmp, pipe, Azure Event Hubs, Amazon S3, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ODBC, Apache Kafka, Redis, HTTP, CouchDB and RabbitMQ. Data can also be exported/streamed onto any of these protocols.


The data is indexed for real-time availability and fast searching. Indexes also ensure that the data is stored.


Data is now ready for analysis. Aggregations can be performed on the data to filter on time, categorical variables, conditional statements or pattern matching. These different searches and queries can be saved for visualization.


The data can be visualized in order to observe patterns, trends and other features of interest. Each visualization can be saved with its search and time filters for reporting and dashboards.


Dashboards can be configured using created visualizations and Markdown text, which can be embedded with variables.

Real-Time Anomaly detection and alerting

Key metrics/KPIs can be monitored for possible anomalies, and the anomalies can be reported either within the application or by email, all in real-time.

Automated Reporting

Reports can be scheduled for creation at defined intervals, including using the cron system. These reports can then be exported when ready.

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